The National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline identifies planned investment of over £164bn across 660+ specific projects and programmes up to 2025. Delivery of this scale can only be achieved with fundamental improvements in performance and productivity. Help is needed and Bourton Group is well placed as experts in the deployment of Lean Construction across the world of Infrastructure including:

  • The design and construction of major infrastructure schemes across sectors including Road; Rail; Utilities; Power Generation and Distribution
  • Ongoing maintenance and renewal of existing Infrastructure networks
  • Management and operation of existing Infrastructure networks

We use a range of delivery mechanisms to support the adoption of Lean Construction principles and the sustained realisation of benefits. Click here to find out more about those mechanisms?

Are you as Lean as you think you are?

You may think that you are a truly Lean organisation already. However, we challenge you to take our Lean assessment to see just how Lean you really are! Our Lean assessment is quick and easy to use.  It asks you to score yourselves against ten key characteristics that we believe are fundamental to operating as a successful and sustainable Lean organisation.  Want to take the challenge then click here.

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What we do

What we do

Bourton Group are experts in the deployment of Lean Construction.   From the development of Strategies and Programmes and gaining commitment at board level through to the facilitation of teams on construction sites using lean tools and techniques, we help our clients to deliver best practice in Lean Construction.   Using approaches such as Lean Collaborative Planning and Production Control, we help deliver real improvement in scheme performance, delivering real and sustained bottom line improvements.



Our extensive experience spans the complete range of Construction and Infrastructure companies from Client; Major Contractor; Specialist Sub-Contractor; Material and Equipment Provider; Architects; Designers; Engineers and Consultants. We work across a wide range of sectors including; Highways; Rail; Power Generation and Distribution; Nuclear and other Utilities.


Our approach

Bourton Group’s approach is based around strong change management and the delivery of sustainable performance improvement. We do this by collaborating with clients and partners to embed change and ensure they retain the skills to carry on their Lean journey after our assignment is complete.

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