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Sustainable performance improvement
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

Our consultancy takes a holistic approach to:

  • Focus on your strategic objectives
  • Deliver Lean Sigma improvement built around your needs
  • Transfer full capability so your organisation can sustain the change
  • Maintain direction and progress through strong programme management
We provide full support on the ground until continuous improvement is fully embedded. But we also like to move at pace so your organisation becomes self-sufficient as soon as possible.
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success - Bourton Blog
  • How checklists can save lives

    A Reith Lecture on how checklists can save lives, by the Surgeon Atul Gawande recently caught the attention of our Chairman, Keith Bissett. Keith comments that Atul Gawande tells an amazing story of how 15 years ago a girl who fell in an icy pool and wasn’t pulled out for 30 minutes was nursed back [...]

  • Anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s death

    There will be bells ringing and horns blowing to mark the first anniversary of former president Nelson Mandela’s death, during an official government commemoration in Pretoria on December 5th.  Mandela died at his home in Johannesburg at the age of 95 after a lifetime as an anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist.  We wanted to take this [...]

  • Being effective with stakeholders

    5 ways to be more effective with stakeholders
    In our one-to-one conversations with leaders and managers, we often hear about the challenges they face in creating and sustaining effective stakeholder relationships.  We know that, for many, their roles have been greatly affected in recent years by:

    Increasingly working in partnership and close alliances with other organisations.  This [...]

  • Listening takes self-confidence

    Listening to your team takes self-confidence
    Continuous performance improvement requires clear communication channels, allowing staff at all levels to generate ideas. You might assume that any manager feeling unsure of their own abilities would be even more likely to encourage their team members to share their ideas. Yet according to new research reported by the British [...]

  • How to excel at leading change

    ‘Landing Transformational Change’, a new report from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, explores the increasing demand for transformational change programmes as companies emerge from the recession.  Focusing on the practicalities of leading change successfully, it highlights 4 themes at which leaders need to excel:

    Relational leadership – achieving change through effective negotiations and [...]

  • 3 minute guide to developing people with high potential

    Clients often ask us how they can grow their talented staff members into successful leaders and managers.  All organisations have talented people – you may know them as your ‘high potentials’ or ‘rising stars’, you may be one yourself.  These people are likely to be the future leaders of your (or another) organisation.
    We appreciate that [...]

  • How to be a better communicator

    7 ways to be an even better communicator
    ‘Communication problems’ are often cited to us by clients as being at the heart of performance issues.  Regularly criticised in employee opinion surveys too, it can seem like an impossible challenge for leaders and managers to get communication right with their team members and colleagues. Moving forward, leaders [...]

  • How to embed learning

    3 Open questions to embed learning
    We design and deliver training and development programmes for clients working towards operational excellence.  We know that for the learning from our programmes to ‘stick’, our interventions need to be engaging, relevant and focused on the group’s specific needs.  We also know that there is a high risk that people [...]

  • How to help learners learn

    A simple strategy that helps learners to learn…
    New research reported by the British Psychological Society highlights a simple technique that improves learners’ memory for new material – simply telling them that they’re going to have to teach the material to someone else.
    Undergraduates were split into two groups:

    One group was told to study a text which [...]

  • Operational excellence and leadership – our 10 favourite books

    We are often asked for reading recommendations by our clients, sometimes when we are working with groups participating in development programmes, sometimes by individuals that we are coaching.  It is of course impossible to cite all the books that we have learnt from and loved over the years, so we thought we would simply share [...]

Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

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