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Sustainable performance improvement
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

Our consultancy takes a holistic approach to:

  • Focus on your strategic objectives
  • Deliver Lean Sigma improvement built around your needs
  • Transfer full capability so your organisation can sustain the change
  • Maintain direction and progress through strong programme management
We provide full support on the ground until continuous improvement is fully embedded. But we also like to move at pace so your organisation becomes self-sufficient as soon as possible.
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success - Bourton Blog
  • How to embed learning

    3 Open questions to embed learning
    We design and deliver training and development programmes for clients working towards operational excellence.  We know that for the learning from our programmes to ‘stick’, our interventions need to be engaging, relevant and focused on the group’s specific needs.  We also know that there is a high risk that people [...]

  • How to help learners learn

    A simple strategy that helps learners to learn…
    New research reported by the British Psychological Society highlights a simple technique that improves learners’ memory for new material – simply telling them that they’re going to have to teach the material to someone else.
    Undergraduates were split into two groups:

    One group was told to study a text which [...]

  • Operational excellence and leadership – our 10 favourite books

    We are often asked for reading recommendations by our clients, sometimes when we are working with groups participating in development programmes, sometimes by individuals that we are coaching.  It is of course impossible to cite all the books that we have learnt from and loved over the years, so we thought we would simply share [...]

  • How to build trust at work

    5 Key Leadership Qualities that Build Trust
    New research by the Institute of Leadership and Management explores the current state of trust in business and asks how leaders can build more trust at work. The research highlights five fundamental qualities that leaders must demonstrate to be trusted:

    Effective communication
    Ability to make decisions
    Competence in their role

    Furthermore, the ILM [...]

  • How to improve customer service

    National Customer Service Week (NCSW) takes place this week (6-10 October 2014).  The Institute of Customer Service is providing businesses and leaders with an opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.
    We were interested to note the key themes that [...]

  • How are your customers’ needs changing?

    A new Passenger Focus survey has reported that only a third of rail passengers are happy with the way their train company deals with delays or cancellations.  The survey found that some rail customers saw Twitter as a better source of information than station staff. The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) said that more improvements [...]

  • One-to-one meetings – a good use of your time?

    At a recent client workshop we asked participants (junior managers) how well their one-to-one meetings with their line managers were working. The company’s policy was that all managers would meet at least monthly with their own managers to review progress against key performance priorities. Responses ranged from: ‘I can’t remember when I last [...]

  • How’s your work-life balance?

    It’s National Work-Life week this week (September 22-26).  The phrase ‘work-life balance’ has been widely used in the UK for some time – how is it relevant to you and your organisation today?
    Huge technological advances have made it easy for many people to continue working beyond the physical boundaries of their workplace – after hours, [...]

  • Statistics don’t lie people do

    A recent article in Private Eye (5th-18th September issue) caught our eye, reinforcing yet again the old adage ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’.
    Let’s be clear, statistics don’t lie people do. Or, if it’s not outright lies, then it’s manipulation to twist and bend statistics until they seem to say what the person wishes to [...]

  • Innovation

    With Apple about to make an exciting announcement about a product launch around the iPhone6 or the new iPad it was another piece of the rumour mill that piqued our curiosity.  The iToken and iWallet!
    It made me think about Tom Peters, management guru and self-confessed professional loudmouth and his strong opinion on innovation.  In a TED [...]

Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

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