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Sustainable performance improvement
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Our consultancy takes a holistic approach to:

  • Focus on your strategic objectives
  • Deliver Lean Sigma improvement built around your needs
  • Transfer full capability so your organisation can sustain the change
  • Maintain direction and progress through strong programme management
We provide full support on the ground until continuous improvement is fully embedded. But we also like to move at pace so your organisation becomes self-sufficient as soon as possible.
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success - Bourton Blog
  • Bourton Group supporting the LCI-UK Summit 2015

    The LCI-UK Summit 2015 – Thursday 29th October 2015

    For the 3rd year running Bourton Group will be supporting the LCI-UK with their annual summit.  Derek Drysdale, Divisional Director for Lean Improvement at Highways England, will be delivering the opening address.  Bourton Group has been supporting the UK Construction and Infrastructure sector for over 15 years [...]

  • Applying Lean Metrics

    Many of the traditional metrics in use by non-lean organisations measure business activity after the fact such as unit cost of production, return on net assets or profit per product line. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these measures if you are to become truly Lean then traditional measures must go through the same evaluation [...]

  • Leading your team through the process of change

    Leading change appears to be a complex and challenging role and given that 70% of change projects fail, you would think that many people struggle with it.  So what do the 30% of leaders do?
    Click here to read more about the things that we have noticed when we have supported the 30% ers!
    Want to be [...]

  • Fishbone Analysis – What is it?

    Fishbone analysis is simply a way of identifying a wide variety of potential causes of a problem and grouping them together in categories.  It is also sometimes called ‘Cause and Effect Analysis‘ or an ‘Ishikawa Diagram‘.

    Want to know what it can be used for then click here.
    If you’d like to join our Lean community click [...]

  • What will empowerment mean to me as a manager?

    Empowered teams have increased levels of responsibility and authority over the work that they do, giving them the autonomy to plan and manage work, make their own decisions and solve their own problems – responsibilities that are traditionally owned by the team leader. So, you might be wondering where you fit into an empowered team.
    Click [...]

  • 5 Steps for creating an effective project vision

    For those of you who are new to project leadership, and those who have been practising for some time, creating a project vision is one of the most challenging tasks undertaken by a team or organisation. The “Vision” in this context refers not to a few words or phrases, but rather the articulation of the [...]

  • What is Lean?

    We may need to be clear about what we mean by the word Lean.  As many people are aware the phrase Lean in its performance improvement context was used in the 1980’s by Womack and Jones to describe what they found at Toyota andtheir effective Toyota Production System.  The trouble is that most often than [...]

  • How to communicate change

    In the current apparent impasse of UK politics, much attention has been drawn to the performance of the political party leaders at the recent Television debates.
    In truth most people have already made up their opinion based upon a number of characteristics of the individuals concerned, their life experiences and the core messages of the party [...]

  • It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top

    The role of consultants as coaches to help senior people to think clearly.
    Very few people who get promoted to the dizzy heights of leading an organisation realise how lonely an existence it can be until well into their tenure and many articles and research papers suggest that it’s lonely at the top appears to be [...]

  • How to Build Lean in Construction

    Sitting in the office the other day, I was drawn to a copy of the book that we co-authored in 2011 ‘Build Lean – Transforming construction using Lean Thinking’.  It really is a very good read!
    Whether you are an avid follower of Lean or merely an interested amateur just about to start your journey of [...]

Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

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