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Sustainable performance improvement
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

Our consultancy takes a holistic approach to:

  • Focus on your strategic objectives
  • Deliver Lean Sigma improvement built around your needs
  • Transfer full capability so your organisation can sustain the change
  • Maintain direction and progress through strong programme management
We provide full support on the ground until continuous improvement is fully embedded. But we also like to move at pace so your organisation becomes self-sufficient as soon as possible.
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success - Bourton Blog
  • Factory Thinking.. What do you think?

    We would like to take advantage of the knowledge, experience and opinions of those working in the world of Construction and Infrastructure. We would be grateful if you could complete the short survey linked below. Bourton Group has been working with the Construction Sector for over 10 years, helping to drive performance improvement against that […]

  • What is Process Mapping & SIPOC

    The term ‘process’ is used in many different areas in our everyday life from business ‘the HR process’, computing ‘micro-processor’, science ‘biological process’, manufacturing ‘processed foods’ and even law ‘Legal process’. The similarities lie in the definition of the term: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Understanding […]

  • 3 Vital Skills for High Performance Leaders

    Being a high performance leader may come more naturally to some than others; however, the skills required can be learnt, developed and continuously improved.  We’ve looked at the leadership skills that most often crop up in our coaching work with leaders and managers. Click here to read the three skill areas we have highlighted where […]

  • What is an empowered team?

    The individuals in an empowered team (also known as a ‘self-directed’ or ‘self-managed’) are not intrinsically different to that of an average team. An empowered team, however, is one where the knowledge, experience and motivation that already exist within the team is fully utilised, as they are given more freedom over the way in which […]

  • Factory Thinking – what do you think?

    Bourton Group will be supporting the LCI-UK Summit for the 3rd year running with three members of our consulting team facilitating workshops, one of which is focussed around the topic of ‘The Application of Factory Thinking in Construction‘. Over the last few years we have noticed considerable change in attitude in the sector towards manufacturing and what […]

  • Top tips for leading four different types of teams

    We are often asked by our clients to help them develop a better team working ethos in their organisations.  Traditionally that has meant getting a group of co-workers together in a workshop to explore and agree what they do, how they do it, and what they need to do to work more effectively together. These […]

  • Bourton Group supporting the LCI-UK Summit 2015

    The LCI-UK Summit 2015 – Thursday 29th October 2015 For the 3rd year running Bourton Group will be supporting the LCI-UK with their annual summit.  Derek Drysdale, Divisional Director for Lean Improvement at Highways England, will be delivering the opening address.  Bourton Group has been supporting the UK Construction and Infrastructure sector for over 15 […]

  • Applying Lean Metrics

    Many of the traditional metrics in use by non-lean organisations measure business activity after the fact such as unit cost of production, return on net assets or profit per product line. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these measures if you are to become truly Lean then traditional measures must go through the same evaluation […]

  • Leading your team through the process of change

    Leading change appears to be a complex and challenging role and given that 70% of change projects fail, you would think that many people struggle with it.  So what do the 30% of leaders do? Click here to read more about the things that we have noticed when we have supported the 30% ers! Want […]

  • Fishbone Analysis – What is it?

    Fishbone analysis is simply a way of identifying a wide variety of potential causes of a problem and grouping them together in categories.  It is also sometimes called ‘Cause and Effect Analysis‘ or an ‘Ishikawa Diagram‘. Want to know what it can be used for then click here. If you’d like to join our Lean […]

Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

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