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Sustainable performance improvement
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

Our consultancy takes a holistic approach to:

  • Focus on your strategic objectives
  • Deliver Lean Sigma improvement built around your needs
  • Transfer full capability so your organisation can sustain the change
  • Maintain direction and progress through strong programme management
We provide full support on the ground until continuous improvement is fully embedded. But we also like to move at pace so your organisation becomes self-sufficient as soon as possible.
Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success - Bourton Blog
  • How to get qualified with Bourton Group

    Here at Bourton Group, our core mission is knowledge transfer and we pride ourselves on the quality of our training and coaching.

    For over ten years we have been closely associated with the Institute of Leadership and Management – the UK’s largest management body. As an Approved ILM Qualification Centre, we offer a comprehensive range of [...]

  • Part time people giving full time leadership

    Many years ago whilst a young upstart of a manager in a large UK engineering firm I was struck by how many managers seemed to have to arrive at work on or around the same time as the MD (early) and not leave until he had (late).   This culture did not seem to drive efficiency [...]

  • 12 ways to grow high performance teamwork

    High performance has long been associated with excellent teamwork – think pit stop crews, emergency services and heart transplant teams. Our clients often ask us how they can grow high performance teamwork in their own teams and team members.

    Why does it matter?
    High performance teamwork is critical to business success. Based on our work with clients [...]

  • Bourton Group and G-cloud 6

    Bourton Group G-Cloud VI Appointment – February 2015
    Bourton Group has been appointed as an approved supplier by HM Government for the latest G-Cloud iteration G-Cloud 6. Bourton Group has been selected in both the Specialist Cloud Services (ScS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) categories under the new G-Cloud VI Framework Agreement.  Our Lean Six [...]

  • Sellafield and Bourton Group Ltd

    Sellafield appoint Bourton Group for another 4 years of support
    Sellafield Ltd is responsible for safely delivering decommissioning and reprocessing of nuclear waste management and fuel manufacturing activities.  In January 2015 they awarded a further four year framework contract to Bourton Group to support them in their ongoing development and deployment of business improvement using Lean [...]

  • 7 Doors for great customer service

    How to open the 7 Doors for great customer service
    We often find ourselves working with organisations who are keen to understand and respond to what their customers think of them. This typically involves inviting customers to complete a survey, often on the phone or on-line, to check out their opinions, on a scale of one [...]

  • How to apply change

    Taking common approaches to change and applying it to other sectors
    In our Lean and performance improvement work we often try to share with people examples of how people take common approaches to sustainable change and make it apply to other sectors or environments.  After spending a great day with leaders from a sector leading organisation, [...]

  • Sustaining High Performance

    Is sustaining high level performance harder than improving in the first place?

    The recent BBC Panorama programme on Tesco highlighted a long recognised but rarely discussed challenge for corporate (and other) leaders.  Anyone who has taken over from a successful leader will know how hard it is to maintain performance when people get complacent.
    The programme included [...]

  • Focus on Customers

    Focus on Customers as foundation for great performance
    A couple of high profile news items have caught our attention lately. Both significantly have ‘focus on the customer’ at the heart of their issues, although no doubt others may see political and commercial slants to the stories. The first example is Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambridge which has been in [...]

  • Reducing operating costs

    Reading the business headlines today Record Sales over Christmas that focused on the UK retail sector and the impact of Black Friday in the UK, I was stuck by how current consumer behaviour is shaking up business at a time when we are recovering from a seismic recession that flipped business thinking on its head. Studies [...]

Getting Started - Process Improvement - Building Capability - Managing For Success

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