Housing and Residential Services

Client: The Riverside Group

Assignment: Organisational Development and Change Management

Developing and delivering change leadership

The Problem

The Riverside Group is a major Social Housing and Care provider in the UK with operations spanning the country through regionals divisions.   Headquartered in Liverpool and at the time of our assignment, with a turnover of £300m with approximately 53,000 homes and 3,000 staff.

Bourton was engaged by Riverside on a broad organisational development and change management programme with the objective of developing senior leadership capability.  As part of our consulting appointment, we were asked to design and deliver a one-day change leadership module for the organisations middle managers.

The organisation had grown dramatically over time through expansion and mergers.  And, there had been significant effort put into developing a shared vision for a ‘One Riverside’ approach to operations, ways of working, and organisational culture.

Each directorate or operating division had been encouraged to establish its own contribution to the overall corporate plan, but to some extent, whilst performance was good, silo thinking was evident. .  In that regard, change was very much on the agenda and it was thought that managers could benefit greatly from pragmatic change tools to assist them in delivering their own transformation.

The challenge facing senior managers was to create a culture of performance improvement aligned to corporate change activity, develop shared approaches to managing change, and at the same time develop stronger employee engagement in that change.

The Solution

We worked collaboratively with the Director of Corporate Services and the Head of Learning and Development, we engaged in developing a greater understanding of the organisation, its intended direction, and the leadership challenges it faced in delivering on its vision.

Building on a change framework introduced in a recent leadership programme, Bourton designed a module that would equip managers with pragmatic tools, techniques, methods, and approaches.

The Benefits

The project stages were:

  1. Project definition, scope, and performance criteria:
  2. Agreeing on the design criteria
  3. Outline design testing and verification
  4. Content development
  5. Workshop testing and feedback
  6. Enhancements
  7. Materials development
  8. Training the trainer
  9. Workshop Launch

The module was designed to follow a developmental ‘ladder’ allowing participants to work on real change challenges that they brought to the session.

The tools and techniques then enabled the participants to learn whilst building up a robust change plan that they could then implement.

This focused on:

  • The reasons for change
  • Scoping the change and agreeing on the proposed outcome
  • Stakeholder identification and engagement
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Targeting benefits
  • Delivering successful outcomes

An initial pilot workshop with selected managers proved extremely successful and the programme was established to be run over all locations and directorates in the business. In total 30 one-day workshops were delivered to around 450 managers

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Download Case Study

What The Riverside Group said about us

“Well-paced and clearly delivered, relevant, direct tools to take back to the workplace.”

“Very enjoyable and informative session.  The facilitator was friendly and had many relevant examples to illustrate each topic.”

“Facilitator highly experienced, would recommend to colleagues, especially within the current and imminent changes.”

“Fantastic training, very well facilitated – thank you!”

Exec & Senior Management Team