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February 13th, 2019

Bourton Group LLP amongst UK consultancies rated most highly by clients and peers?

For the second year running, The Financial Times has named Bourton Group LLP as one of the leading UK consultancy firms.  We have been recognised for our sectorial experience in the Construction and Infrastructure space and for the benefits and outcomes that our work has achieved supporting our clients People and Performance.

Read the full report here.

Source: As recommended by clients and peers, compiled with Statista

Bourton Group LLP is an Operation Improvement Consultancy that specialises in business process improvement. Our purpose is to provide consultancy services that transform the operations of our clients.

More about us can be found here.

Mike Notman, Bourton Group’s Managing Partner, says: “This is the second year that our clients have recommended that Bourton be named in The Financial Times special report.  It demonstrates how hard our consulting team works to listen to what our clients need and to improve their performance.”

The foundation of our approach is built around the following four steps:

We know our approach works because our clients tell us so!  When asked, “What is it that Bourton Group do?”  Our clients told us, “Bourton Group help you to make your business better.”

Want to know more about the great work we’ve been doing recently supporting our clients, or maybe you’d like to talk to us about a specific challenge you have?  Call us on 01926 633333, or alternatively email us at

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