Our expert consultants and thought leaders have brought together some of their experiences and approaches in helping fix businesses into some articles and white papers. Whether the topic is Lean, Lean Constriction, Six Sigma, Organisational Development or Change Management; we thought these might help leaders of change with some of the challenges they face improving the performance of people and processes.

Articles to download

Putting Continuity into Continuous Improvement

Putting Continuity into Continuous Improvement – 6 Golden Rules

This article has been prompted by the successful adoption by more Firms of operational improvement techniques, and some very positive news about the efficacy of Continuous Improvement (CI) in the Legal sector. Clifford Chance have been working on their CI programme with admirable constancy of purpose for over 5 years; delivering many successful and beneficial improvement projects. Bourton Group have, throughout this period, been Clifford Chance’s preferred partner, helping set up the CI programme and providing support to develop internal CI capability.

Here we present the six golden rules for achieving operational excellence.

From Construction to Production

From Construction to Production – An eight point plan to transform the sector

As we enter a period of major investment in the construction sector with high demand for construction capacity from Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, such as HS2, Crossrail 1 & 2, and Hinckley Point.

Our white paper examines some of the issues which are constraining performance in the construction sector and identifies an 8 point plan which will provide the foundation for challenging existing thinking and developing innovative high performing ways of working.


Creating and managing transparency

The Era of IoT needs a New Understanding of Transparency, but how much Complexity can we bear?

Overall, we can gain new insights into our business processes that only a few years ago seemed inconceivable, and we can analyse production networks, logistics chains, points of sale or any other area of a company with astonishing depth and closeness to reality. However, the core question remains: How much real transparency do we need and wish to have?

In this whitepaper our International Consulting Network partner ROI Consulting AG talk about why the Era of IoT needs a New Understanding of Transparency.

Ten step guide to Lean Construction

Ten step guide to Lean Construction

Applying Lean Sigma process improvement means getting things right and reducing cost and time.
In this paper we explain how, by adopting Lean Sigma’s rigorous approach to improving business processes, your organisation can significantly improve its performance by addressing the underlying causes of variation and waste. We explain how Lean Construction can help you improve your organisation’s performance– enabling you to reduce
costs, improve quality and reduce waste.


White Paper – Assessing Your Organisations Culture

For many years people have wrestled with the concept of organisation culture – we know that what we have got is not what we want, but what do we want, and how do we know when we have got it?