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June 23rd, 2016

In terms of driving change there are a couple of tools that can really help us in the improvement arena; Force-Field Analysis and the Change Equation. The change equation and its nshutterstock_302214422eed for a vision of the future is a great example of why the referendum campaigners from both sides find it difficult to persuade voters, as the vision of being outside the EU is so unclear.

What is it?

The Change Equation (or Resistance Analysis) is a simple tool to support the successful introduction of a change and assist in overcoming any resistance.

What can it be used for?

To help determine if a solution can be successfully implemented. To build a case for change by making the future state compelling and engaging

How to do it

Consider who will need to change – Who is the specific group/individual? How will they be impacted? How are they seeing/likely to see the change?

  • Write the reason for dissatisfaction with the current state for those involved in the change.
  • Write the vision of the future – what will it look like for those involved in the change.
  • Write the down the first steps towards the new state.
  • Determine and write down the personal cost or resistance to the change amongst those involved in the change.
  • Decide if there is enough influence to overcome the resistance.

Tips & Guidelines

Remember – the equation is multiplied so a zero in any of the D, V or S will mean the change is unlikely to overcome the resistance.

To change or not to change…..that is the EU question

Deciding on the whether to make a change for the better and influencing those involved can be tricky especially in the world of politics.  With the EU referendum ballot today, it is interesting to reflect on how both sides have struggled to convince us that a vote either way is the best solution for the country.

In the improvement world we would use data to back up our claim but the cost versus benefit data that has been under debate, has been debatable.

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