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April 25th, 2023

Well-scoped business process improvement projects have a greater chance of delivering successful outcomes than poorly scoped ones.  That’s why we always aim to find engaging ways to phrase the challenge and excite and align key stakeholders involved in scoping business process improvement projects.  What is a business process improvement project?

So, for the Understand phase of our four-step approach (Understand – Collaborate – Improve – Sustain) we recommend using the BOSCARD process to help define the challenge at hand.

BOSCARD… What is it?

A way to structure a project or business improvement proposal in a way that describes all of the relevant aspects succinctly and quickly.

What can it be used for?

It can help structure both complex and simple project proposals and briefing documents.  To communicate via written word or presentation the key points and areas of interest to a wide range of people.

It is particularly useful for presenting an executive summary either as a written document or presentation.

Getting the team to prepare the BOSCARD is a useful way of ensuring project team members have a shared understanding of the project.

Download our detailed method card here.

How to do it

When preparing a proposal or briefing use the BOSCARD acronym  to structure your document/presentation

BOSCARD - business process improvement projects


The purpose of BOSCARD is to summarise.  It is not a substitute for a detailed project plan or proposal. Try to keep your descriptions for each of the seven headings to a maximum of one page per presentation chart.

If the terms used do not fit with the usual terminology change them to suit (e.g. if you usually use the term Aims instead of Objectives use that as the heading in your proposal).

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