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December 16th, 2015

We would like to take advantage of the knowledge, experience and opinions of those working in the world of Construction and Infrastructure.

We would be grateful if you could complete the short survey linked below.

Bourton Group has been working with the Construction Sector for over 10 years, helping to drive performance improvement against that Holy Trinity of measures, Cost, Quality and Delivery. When we first started working with construction companies we would frequently mention manufacturing businesses for comparison/benchmarking purposes and were often told to stop mentioning it as it was not relevant to the different world of construction (‘we don’t make things’).


Over the last few years we have noticed considerable change in attitude in the sector towards manufacturing and what can be learnt from a sector which is demonstrably further ahead on the Lean journey.  We hear people talking about ‘Factory Thinking’ and ‘From Construction to Production’, which we think is great. That’s why we thought it may be helpful to the sector to carry out a short survey to understand in more detail how the sector is learning from manufacturing.

I hope you will think this is worthwhile and will be prepared to take a few minutes out from your busy schedules to help us articulate further how the Construction sector can accelerate it’s learning.

To take part in our survey click here, we really would like to know what you think…

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