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March 26th, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce some important developments at Bourton Group LLP that promise to elevate our services and enrich our expertise!

We’re delighted to announce that Ken Powell is taking over the reins as our new Managing Partner. With a proven track record of excellence, innovative thinking, and a deep understanding of our industry, Ken Powell is poised to lead Bourton Group LLP into an exciting new chapter of growth and success.

Ken says, “I am excited to lead our firm into its next chapter of success alongside a fantastic team of experts who work hard to make our clients’ businesses better. Our drive and innovation to deliver exceptional results and uphold our commitment to excellence are proven to be second to none. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead!”


Please join us in extending our gratitude to Mike Notman for his outstanding leadership, vision, and dedication over the past 10 years. Mike is not leaving us; he is moving into the role of Non-Executive Chairman; advising the next phase of Bourton’s development and continuing to support clients in improving their operations.

This change brings new opportunities and fresh perspectives!

Mike commented, “Ken is very much the future of our business. We first met him when we trained him in Lean Sigma techniques and knew straight away, that we had met a real asset who could be part of our future. It’s not uncommon for us that clients end up working with us, and Ken is a shining example of someone who not only lives our values but is also taking the business forward.”

With Mike’s step into the Chairman position, Keith Bissett, our current Chairman will move to a non-executive advisory role, offering an external perspective that will help to shape Bourton’s long-term vision. The move will enable Keith to concentrate on his appointment to the new board of Coventry University London Campus (CULC) as a director, and his longstanding role as chair of the fundraising board at Maggie’s Centres (Coventry).

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