Client: Oilfield Services Business

Assignment: Lean Sigma Development to initialte operational improvements

Lean Sigma development initiates operational improvement

The Problem

Our client, an oilfield services company, had grown extensively from its original footprint in the United Arab Emirates to operating its business globally.

This growth had resulted in practices developing to suit country locations and even individual customers. Whilst this developed good local customer relations, the business recognised a need to become efficient in its operations and to reduce the likelihood that ‘silo’ thinking would develop.

Executive leaders believed that the business should adopt the principles of Lean and Six Sigma to become a high-performing and reliable operation. Bourton Group was asked to build and support capability development and improvement project to initiate the drive towards excellence.

The Solution

We designed and delivered a focused three-day event for 50 senior leaders to initiate the development of Lean Sigma.

Using case study materials and practical exercises we combined building knowledge alongside the analysis of corporate performance challenges and the designing of future state operations for the business.

Groups built rich pictures to consider the current state before doing root cause analysis on prominent issues.

The group then developed a clear picture of the future state and considered what actions would be required to achieve that.

Using this as the basis for prioritisation, a set of transformation projects were developed and agreed upon.

Each Lean Sigma Champion returned to its operation to identify key projects for the deployment of the methodology.

36 Projects were identified and improvements initiated.

The Benefits

  1. A clear strategy for the deployment of Lean Sigma Thinking to the organisation
  2. 36 agreed on Lean Sigma improvement projects identified and prioritised targeted objectives, pan organisational improvement strategies and aligned team plans. Including adoption of OEE as a critical measure, developing takt time analysis in manufacturing operations and the review of the core recruitment lead time that was inhibiting operations due to critical resource shortages.
  3. An achieved shift in organisational culture towards a ‘Lean’ environment developing teams and cross-functional communications.
  4. 50 Leaders developed as Lean Sigma Champions and Yellow Belts
  5. Measurable targets for performance improvements linked to the voice of the customer

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What Oilfield Services Business said about us

The training has enabled me to reduce wasteful activity within my role and build my capability to plan tasks better.

Operational Excellence Champion