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October 17th, 2017

Bourton Group LLP are delighted to announce that Ken Powell has been appointed as a Partner.

Ken has been with Bourton Group as a Senior Consultant for the last three years and his move to the position of Partner recognises the work that he has been carrying out leading major improvement projects with clients and his contribution to the growth of the business.

Bourton Group has supported the UK Infrastructure Construction sector for over 15 years, helping to drive performance improvement against that Holy Trinity of measures; Cost, Quality and Delivery.  Ken’s appointment emphasises Bourton’s commitment to supporting performance improvement within this sector.

Prior to joining Bourton Group, Ken held senior leadership roles in Quality, Operations and Business Improvement within a variety of sectors including Manufacturing, Construction, Rail, Health and Local Government Services.  During his time as a Senior Consultant he has delivered significant operational improvement and change management programmes for clients such as Highways England, Network Rail and Tecomet.

“We help fix businesses and equip teams to keep them fixed.”


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