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August 16th, 2016

Consulting Excellence marks step change for the world-leading consulting industry

The members of the MCA (Management Consultancies Association) have launched a new Consulting Excellence scheme that commits them to promoting high standards of ethical behaviour, value for clients and professional development. This new initiative comes at a time when public trust in the voice of business is low, with many voters choosing not to heed business warnings around the dangers of a Brexit vote in the EU Referendum.

Introducing Consulting Excellence – Watch video

Alan Leaman, CEO of the MCA, said:

“All our members are signing up to the nine Principles of Consulting Excellence. They will show how they live up to these Principles. Research with clients confirms their welcome for these commitments and the hallmark of quality they will represent.

“Consulting is changing rapidly, and this is recognised in our commitments to innovation and professional development. But there are also consulting constants: quality services, strong client relationships and objective advice.

“Consulting Excellence brings these together in ways that will help clients to make informed and better buying decisions, and both consultancies and clients to achieve the complex outcomes the modern economy requires.”

The nine Principles of Consulting Excellence are grouped under the three pillars of Ethical Behaviour, Client Service and Value, and Professional Development. As signatories to Consulting Excellence, MCA members firms commit themselves to adopt the Principles.

MCA firms have joined together to create ground-breaking new scheme #ConsultingExcellence as the hallmark of quality

— MCA (@TheMCA_UK) July 18, 2016

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