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July 7th, 2020

How businesses leverage their Networked Organisation to exploit the ‘hidden’ margin benefits in the value-chain and stimulate cashflows

For many organisations the pandemic has exposed a lack of resilience in their business.

Businesses are seeking ‘Competitive Survival’ in a rapidly changing environment, and the capability to manage disruption and uncertainty to mitigate risks and emerge stronger and more operationally resilient.

Our 5-STEP Strategy Review Framework enables the Operational Resilience you seek.  It will assure your revenues and enhance margins through cost efficiencies, protect jobs, and reduce future risks.

With our support to undertake an Operations Strategy Review, you will become a Networked Organisation.  We will help you to create a roadmap of professional development, identifying the right people from your wider stakeholder resource value chain to make you a more agile business, that is resilient and profitable for the future.

Our paper aims to explain what a Networked Organisation is and how to leverage it.  We explain the resources available to you from stakeholders and value chains while providing a structured approach to working collaboratively with these groups to enable an integrated and assured route to deliver organisation wide strategic plans.

Why do you need to act now?

Because the pandemic has forced the need to change current ways of working.

New ways of working are needed in order to stand up to the changes that are testing the resilience of your operations and maintain a level of business continuity during times of great market uncertainty and the threat of an upcoming recession.

There’s a need to address key themes within Strategic Operational Reviews to refocus your Organisation on your business priorities, whilst also planning ‘how’ to better manage current and future risks – providing ‘Operational Resilience’ across your value chain with margin enhancements.

To achieve Operational Resilience there are three key aspects to examine.  Download our paper to find out more…

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