Assignment: Lean Underpins Strategy for Operations

Lean Underpins Strategy for Operations

The Problem

The leaders in the new operation had to move away from the traditional and somewhat restricted approach of a large
multinational operator, to one of a more pragmatic and focused operator at the sharp end of
maximising and extending the profitable life of the field assets beyond that previously thought

The Solution

Over a twelve month period we have worked with Wytch Farm UK leaders to develop a number of
focused interventions

  • Developing an operational strategy founded in ‘Fit for Purpose’ Wells, Plant and People
  • Raising the awareness in Lean and CI from the top team to operations
  • Carrying out Lean based project improvement activities
  • Equipping individual and organisational capabilities in leading Lean, CI and change management

The Benefits


  • A clear operational strategy with targeted objectives, pan organistional improvement strategies
    and aligned team plans
  • An achieved shift in organisational culture towards a ‘task and performance focused’ environment
    developing teams and cross functional communications.
  • Leaders and managers developing responsibility and accountability to deliver within an agreed
    framework and achieving measurable results in improved ways of working and business
  • New capability of the operational Senior Management Team to ensure focus performance
  • A Lean CI approach being used to translate culture change into tangible process and performance

Download Case Study in PDF Format

Download Case Study

What PERENCO said about us

What Perenco said about us

“In a series of tailor-made
workshops in 2012, Bourton
Group have enabled our local
management team to realise
their potential, to start moving
towards a high reliability
organisation and achieve our
long term goal”


Mike Richardson, Operations Manager, Wytch Farm