Our support usually begins at the very start of our client’s Lean journey. Typically, we are asked by our clients to help develop and support organisation wide Lean Strategies, using our proven approach of: Understand, Collaborate, Improve and Sustain. At each stage of our approach we use a range of effective tools and mechanisms that support the development of Lean Sigma.

Classic Lean Deployment

Once we’ve helped develop your Lean strategy, we usually support you with the ongoing deployment of Lean. However, if you’ve already embarked on your own Lean journey we can support this too. Our team of Lean Specialists and Subject Matter Experts can guide you through your journey and help you avoid pitfalls, maximise benefit realisation and ensure sustainability.

Lean Maturity Assessments and Diagnostics

Are you looking to assess the effectiveness and maturity of your existing adoption of Lean Sigma because of perhaps, in-house concerns on lack of progress and engagement or due to pressure from Customers and Clients? We have a set of Lean Maturity assessment and diagnostic tools that measure the effectiveness of your Lean deployment and identify improvements. Our assessment includes reviewing Lean skills and experience across your workforce, we are then able to build a training programme in response to your needs.

Six Sigma Training and Support

If your environment or operation is complex, then basic Lean improvement tools and techniques may not be enough to tackle the problem. Our Six Sigma Master Black Belts are frequently invited to provide specialist technical support to help resolve more complex process or operational problems.

Lean Collaborative Planning

Lean Collaborative Planning aims to adopt the principles of Lean in infrastructure and construction schemes, or programme of schemes.
There are three core elements:

  1. Collaborative Programme Planning
  2. Collaborative Planning
  3. Production Control

We have extensive experience in supporting Clients to use these methods to drive significant improvements and reductions in scheme delivery lead-times.

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