Client: Coal Products Limited (CPL)

Assignment: Plant Efficiency Review

Plant Efficiency Review & Cost benefit analysis delivers £800k + per annum profit increase

The Problem

Sales volumes had been gradually declining over a 10 year period and our analysis showed that there was an increase in the product range during this time.  This had led to smaller batch sizes introducing inefficiencies within the manufacturing process.  In addition, the plant capacity (resourcing and running the equipment 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year) had not been based on the declining output therefore compounding the inefficiency.

The current workforce were struggling to fully resource the shift rosters with a number of recent retirees not able to be replaced. The business recognised this issue and was looking for solutions.

The Solution

Bourton began reviewing the detailed data including the run rates for each product and calculated the overall maximum capacity to base resourcing schedules on.

‘Back to the Floor’ sessions and stakeholder interviews were carried out to understand the planning, scheduling, OEE, quality, organisational structures, reward schemes, KPI’s, rostering, operating costs, etc.

A range of solutions were developed; reducing working weeks to reflect actual demand, restructuring of shift teams, reducing changeovers, introducing production monitoring and control (LDMS*) to support the teams deliver against KPI’s, reducing unplanned downtime and improving the start-up process.

*Lean Daily Management System

The Benefits

  • Cost benefit analysis was completed and indicated a £800k + per annum profit increase
  • Implementation plans were created and handed over to the internal team to complete the roll out

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