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Client: Defence Support Group

Assignment: Performance Management System

Performance Management System for Defence Support Group

The Problem

The introduction of a new performance management system tied together a number of initiatives designed to bring the organisation together and deliver the corporate business plan. It wanted a single system that would also support the philosophy of single status/harmonisation across its many sites and disparate workforce. The development and implementation of the system also provided an opportunity to build collaborative working between management and the trades unions.

The Solution

Engaging the multiple stakeholders from the start was imperative. We began by facilitating a series of workshops involving corporate and local HR specialists; senior functional and operational managers; and trade union representatives. The purpose of the workshops was to agree the principles of the system; identify the behavioural and technical competences that would underpin effective performance at every level of the organisation; and establish the implementation process.

Once the approach was agreed, we went on to work with the corporate HR team to develop the process in detail, build the competency framework, design web enabled documentation, and create training packages to support implementation. One of the concerns that emerged from the workshops was around maintaining the consistency of the initial training across the organisation’s dozen or so sites. As a result we were asked to deliver this training on behalf of the business.

Process Improvements

The organisation was able to introduce a performance management system that met the needs of the business, conformed with the standards required by the MOD and, through consultation, was accepted by the workforce, many of who have not previously experienced formal performance management.

The automation of the system reduced the amount of time processing paperwork and met the requirements of the data protection legislation. It also enabled the HR teams to interrogate a data base of functional and behavioural competence and target training resources more accurately.

Knowledge Transfer

Two training packages were designed and delivered. All line managers participated in a half day workshop to enable them to lead the performance management process, and all employees attended a two hour briefing session to help them understand why it was important and how they would be affected. The training for line leaders included how to set personal and team objectives distilled from business plans; how to give constructive and objective feedback; and how to identify training and development needs. For employees, they were shown how the system worked, how they could build their behavioural competences, and how to get the best from development activities.

In total over 650 managers were trained in 50 plus workshops, and more than 2,500 employees attended 70 plus briefing sessions. In addition, the participants in the initial consultation workshops gained an in depth understanding of the principles underpinning performance management and an awareness of best practice in a number of sectors.

The Benefits

Continuous Improvement

The organisation is continuing work to streamline the electronic documentation and integrate the resulting performance management data into its primary HR system. They are continuing to monitor and report uptake of the system at board level.

Organisation and Leadership

Effective performance management is now recognised as an essential tool for every line manager and team leader. As a result of the training, every employ gained an awareness of the direction that the business is heading and their role in its success.

Managers have greater credibility and team members feel more supported in their day to day work activities.

Value Delivered

The new performance management system was implemented within the time scales set by the MOD, and enabled the corporate HR team to deliver one of its key business objectives for that financial year.

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What Defence Support Group said about us

“The project was delivered to time, cost and contract. Bourton Group added value through the consistency of delivery, which meant there was no misunderstanding across the business. Being independent from the business both in designing the system and by delivering the training also helped. I have no hesitation in recommending Bourton.”

Head of HR Policy Development DSG